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 About us



KingPepe Films has a talent for compelling storytelling. Isabella Savic is an Australian film director, producer, and writer residing in Europe. She is the founder and creative mind behind KingPepe.

Isabella Savic's passion for filmmaking: 
 Her love for the craft is what inspired her to establish KingPepe films.

KingPepe films have an impressive ability to engage global audiences with captivating storytelling techniques.

Isabella Savic's multicultural background has influenced the creative direction of KingPepe films, resulting in a unique blend of European aesthetics and Australian perspectives on storytelling.



Creating a variety of award-winning projects, spanning across many mediums such as Television and Documentaries, including Upcoming Feature films. 


Isabella Savic is the auteur, as the creator of the films, is the original and sole copyright holder for all of KingPepe Films.

**Exclusive partnerships with selected industry professionals in development **

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Prica and Partners

Belgrade, Serbia 

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Prica & Partners is a full-service commercial law firm with a rich history of serving corporate clients, governments and financial institutions. Clients value our long heritage, which has uniquely positioned us to set the standard for domestic best practice and to lead the development of the legal profession in our market.

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