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Taste of Serbia (episode) 2014  

Directors:  Isabella Savic

DOP: Vujadin Micunovic

Editor: Marko Dragisic 

Sommelier: Jelena Peric 

Genre:  Documentary


A taste of Serbia: will introduce you to Serbia’s history of wine, culture, and traditions pertaining to wine production. Starting with an ancient blessing of the vines ceremony.

14th of February belongs to St. Trifun.  In Serbian tradition, he is well known as the Patron Saint of wine and winemakers. On this day, with a special prayer and blessings from the priest, they symbolically cut one piece of vine and then pour wine on the scarified part. It is believed that this custom will bring rich harvesting year.

We will witness this in the region of “Zupa” Aleksandrovac. It is well known for one of the largest wine harvests in the region. This visit we meet and chat with young female winemakers and heritage vineyards.  Learn about the history of viticulture in this region including a unique traditional Museum of wine and winemaking. From Medieval outposts to sampling the heavenly nectar of the region...Join us on this little adventure!  

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Moving Hearts The Floods (2015)

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Celebrating Serbia 2015

Director:  Isabella Savic

DOP: Marko Milovanović 

Editor: Marko Dragisic 

Assoc. Producer: Janet Lee Chapman

Genre:  Documentary


A fun and vibrant wine harvest festival, a feast for your eyes, a glimpse of traditions from old times and the real heart people of Serbia.

Award winning Documentary 2015

Directors:  Isabella Savic and Marko Dragisic

DOP: Vujadin Micunovic

Editor: Marko Dragisic

Producer: Janet Lee Chapman & Isabella Savic

Screenwriter:  Isabella Savic & Janet Lee Chapman

Genre:   Documentary


Moving Hearts is about the Floods that devastated a nation and brought them back together.

 Serbia-May 2014.  Ordinary people stories.

1. The floods.
2. The aftermath- survival -Livelihoods and homes have been completely destroyed. 
3. What now? From December 2014 till present, and some people still have nowhere to live.....


Monies received will assist in rebuilding family homes. 

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Wonder Women of Wine  TV Series  2018- 2019

Director: Isabella Savic

Screenwriters:  Janet Lee Chapman  and  Isabella Savic,

Cameras: Dusan Dimic and Predrag Vojinovic

Editor: Marko Dragisic 

Producers: Isabella Savic, Milos Sesa and Vuk Stefanovic


Genre: Cultural- Travel - Lifestyle Entertainment Television Series 


This TV series has been in the making since 2010, the time I started my epic journey in discovering women winemakers in the European region eventually expanded to the world. We are very fortunate to have discovered incredible lady winemakers from Asia, Africa to Australia. Exciting empowering stories coming soon to you.

 Work in Progress, filming now

Moving Hearts Poster 2015.jpg
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